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external help when you need it.


To create value-adding content, you need to understand the link between the content and your business.

  •  Content strategies
  •  Content frameworks
  •  Internal production guides
  •  Budget & production plans
  •  Workshops
  •  Internal knowledge building


We take you all the way through concept, storyboards, planning, and production.

  •  Video 
  •  Animation
  •  Music & sound design
  •  Graphics 
  •  Photo
  •  Content subscription


Good content is only as good as your ability to expose it to your audience. We connect content and distribution.

  •  Posting on social media 
  •  Reporting
  •  Ad spending 
We believe in transparency
Price examples (ex VAT)

Content on subscription

Make sure you always have the right content to share on social media
starting at


Case video

Present your product and or service as well as a client in one video
starting at

25.000 DKK

Brand videos & commercials

The heart and soul of your business compiled as video
starting at

75.000 DKK

Photo Shot of employees and office

Want to have a headshot of all your team members as well as pictures showcasing the atmosphere of the office?
starting at

19.500 DKK

Video Identity Package (video wrapping)

Logo animation, outro animation, lower third, text boxes etc. for your videos
starting at

27.500 DKK


Learn about content strategies, trends, planing, outsourcing, internal productions
starting at

17.500 DKK


Let us know what you need and we